Date:      26TH of April, 2019.

Order of meeting

  • Praise and worship

Mary Udoh led the praise and worship

  • Opening prayer

Justice Aloku said the opening prayer just after the praise and worship session

  • Fola Ogunsola’s Session
  • Brief Networking

As customary, Fola Ogunsola commenced the meeting with a brief networking session as members exchanged contacts and business cards.

  • Introduction to BSB

Fola Ogunsola reiterated the benefits of having a structured and sustainable business. She admonished members to engage in practicing a structured and sustainable business as Equity Investors, Venture Capitalist are readily available to provide funds in form of grants and loans to business owners with a structured and sustainable business via the BSB platform .

She explained further that commitment, hard work (eradicate the attitude of I cannot and introduce “I can do it”), relationship building are essential qualities a passionate business owner should have and she encouraged members to take advantage of the BSB platform to expand their business, partner with international company and introduce into their business structure and sustainability

  • Appearance

She stated firmly that appearance during meetings is important and should not be taken with levity. She also mentioned that walking around while meeting is ongoing, phone ringing during meetings are distractions and should be avoided during meetings.

  • Vacancy

She announced that a Consulting Services company and a Human Resource Company need the  services of a MD (Managing Director), Executive Assistant and a GM (General Manager), she directed interested members to the secretariat for more information.

  • Online credit card payment system opportunity

She admonished members to take advantage of the availability of online payment for goods and services to increase their business opportunities. She directed members to  Sina Adeyemi for more information.

  • USA Trade Fair, 2019: Access Nigeria

She announced the yearly USA Trade Fair. As announced, the event will feature 2 days of exhibitions, company promotions/product by the visiting U.S. firms, seminars on doing business with U.S. companies, and available U.S. government resources to help facilitate cross-border trade.

Date: May 21-22, 2019.  Attendance is free for the exhibitions and company presentations.

  • Question and Answer

She asked members questions to confirm the existence of a registered business certificate, business account and business plan ( Business vision and mission) in their businesses and in return, members raised their hands in numbers to signify a positive response. Respectively, she replied the question of the difficulty and stress in partnering with international company by telling member to register through the BSB platform

  • Wale Ogunsola’s Session

He reiterated the need of having a good company profile, stating clearly the benefits of having one.

Going further, he explained the concept of marketing pertaining to two different business environment , stating clearly the nature of the business environment, the people and how to market them;

  • Business Consumer Environment

A simple, unorganized business environment populated with uneducated people. Business owners should learn to avoid unnecessary grammar, engage in simple presentation, know when to shut up and remain simple in appearance when marketing to people in this business environment.

  • Business to Business

People in this business environment tend to be more complex, rational and have high selections and taste. Business owners should learn to tailor and target communication effectively and efficiently and focus more on the customer when marketing people in this business environment. He mentioned further that business owners should always value their products during presentations, involve in effective client nurturing by sending emails, telephone contacts and text to customers in this business environment

  • Testimony

Sina Adeyemi took the testimony session and he repeated again to members the benefits of doing business the right way

  • Testifier 1

Taiwo Atoro, a renowned builder gave a testimony on how he applied structuring and sustainability to his business through the knowledge he acquired at the BSB monthly meetings and how it has transformed his company into one that provides construction and engineering services to both local and foreign companies

  • Testifier 2

Omike George said the introduction of structure and sustainability in her business has increased the profitability of her business, improved her book keeping and has helped her in managing her staff and expenses effectively

  • Testifier 3

Justice Aloku appreciated Wale Ogunsola for showing him the right way of running a structured and sustainable business

  • To end the testimony session, Fola ogunsola gave a testimony on how she started the business right from the bedroom without a laptop to the present successful state of the business, laying emphasis on structure and sustainability; she crowned it up with a short prayer.
  • Closing   Prayer

Anthony Eikore Okoye said the closing prayer, the meeting ended at 2 pm